Dragonhide gear

Capnfro posted this 09 December 2014

Anyone want the blue dragonhide breastplate and heavy shield that we found?

FYI - The armor and shield have immunity to electricity. If you have them enchanted with lighting resistance the cost is 25% less.

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Belgannan posted this 10 December 2014

Could be handy against the will o wisps later on....

Heinric posted this 17 December 2014

To clarify, the ARMOR is immune to electricity. That does nothing to protect the wearer.

I have no interest in either. I suggest we give it to Akiros. (The Warden)

Capnfro posted this 06 January 2015

Sounds good to me. We'll see if he wants that armor and sell it if he doesn't. I'm going to sell off the rest of the mundane mw weapons and armor we have.

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