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Belgannan posted this 19 November 2014

I was not sure where to put this thread but I thought it may be a good discussion to put out there to discuss. (Let me know where to put this)

We have a tendency to go all over in our tactics in an encounter, part of it is RP, part of it is that we usually do not have a "standard plan" for an encounter, and granted every encounter is different. I would like to maybe get some sort of regular idea of how we should tactically handle an encounter to best use our whole group effectively.

For example, I thought the manticore fight was a good use of our strengths, even though it was not perfect. I suspected it had a breath weapon so that is why I had Belgannan spread out on his first action.

Another tactic I have taken to using is throwing an invisibility on Ano'ha...with a pure and more or less dedicated healer who does not attack invisibility is a great deterrent from our enemies who have a tendency to go after her since she is our healer. It will not work in all cases (see Owlbear...stupid tremor sense) but in many cases it has worked very well.

I am open for any other ideas we can do to work as a group better in an encounter. This would also make the encounters go faster.

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Capnfro posted this 19 November 2014

I think that our current tactics tend to go like this: Ano'ha blesses, Belgannan hits Ano'ha with invis (brilliant move btw), and the rest of us drop ranged attacks/spells into the target as we move foward to try to get to melee range. Typically it is Heinric engaging the target first with Aylen and Cademon moving to flanking positions to try to inflict maximum damage while Shopal and Belgannan are dropping arrows/spells into the target as well.

I think a good plan would be to have Aylen act as a secondary "tank" for lack of a better word. Cademon can flank with her and everyone focus fire on that target to kill it in situations that we have multiple foes. Ano'ha can focus on keeping Heinric alive. Aylen would ideally try to move the foe closer to Ano'ha so we are not all spread out too far.

Just some thoughts from me.

Heinric posted this 20 November 2014

I'm good with that. I always try to provide flanking opportunities for either Cademon or Aylen...don't forget Kirk, she has some precision damage ability too. That said, I think we're improving in our tactics, because we're getting a better feel for each others' preferences and habits.

In situations where having a secondary tank is a good idea, I agree that if Aylen has to pick up someone(s) that her targets should be focused on as long as Heinric is holding his own. Heinric is not above retreating for healing to tighten and overlap arcs of fire, but he generally tries to place himself between enemies and the others, Ano'ha in particular. Heinric has, and will continue to improve upon ways to boost his AC or neutralize attacks from melee opponents, so he should be able to take a few rounds of fighting with little to no support in most reasonable circumstances.

Everything else discussed thus far sounds good to me.

Capnfro posted this 20 November 2014

Yea, I know. That is why I would flank with her so we are both dealing precision damage.

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