Our Assistants (...the power behind the Hazard Guard Council)

Belgannan posted this 19 November 2014

For Fun and RP, I thought it would be fun to describe and talk about the people who rule in our stead while we are gone. I assume each of our characters have hired or have had hired for them have at least one assistant to help them to perform their Kingdom duties (Cademon probably at least has one if not more than one).

I had not thought of Belgannan's yet...he would be initially resistant to having an assistant and very particular about the choice of person. I am open to ideas as always.

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Capnfro posted this 19 November 2014

I don't know that the kingdom is really large enough for that yet. Cademon would probably just tell Akiros to not let things burn down and that he'll be back at some point.

Heinric posted this 20 November 2014

Would be fun to discuss for the future though.

I'll start thinking about it.

Belgannan posted this 20 November 2014

Cool, I will leave the thread out here...for when we get to that point.

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