Capnfro posted this 06 March 2015

So we have 1200 gp worth of potions from the halfling alchemist. I agree with Shopal that we need some healing potions. Are cure lights sufficient or should we think about getting cure mod potions for 300gp per? What about getting some resist energy (electricity) potions to help deal with the wisps? Those are 300 a pop as well.

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Belgannan posted this 10 March 2015

Here is an option as we seem to be running into ability drain a lot more lately.., kind of pricey but maybe worth it.

Potion of Stalwart Resolve (300 gp): New cleric spells to the rescue! For 3 rounds per pop, this little gem lets you ignore ability damage and penalties to any one ability score of your choice (unless it equals your total ability score, in which case you're still screwed). It has a short duration and doesn't protect you from ability drain, but when you really need to shake off some bad ability damage and get back into the fight, this is what you need.

Belgannan posted this 10 March 2015

Also since we like to be invisible much...it will not ward against tremorsence but those with scent...

Potion of Negate Aroma (50 gp): For the sneaky types that are sick and tired of being given away by scent, one hit off this potion and you've got 1 hour of scentless scouting as long as you don't get doused in a new, smelly substance.

Belgannan posted this 10 March 2015

Idea for the tendriculous fight....

Potion of Remove Sickness (50 gp): For 10 minutes, you gain a +4 morale bonus on saves vs. disease and the sickened and nauseated conditions, or suppress effects already being experienced for the duration of the spell. While being sickened is annoying, some diseases, and especially being nauseated, really can make you useless, so this is a lifesaver. Pro tip: When you're nauseated, you can't take standard actions, so either pour this down a nauseated ally's throat on your turn, or hold it out and have one of your comrades do the same for you.

Capnfro posted this 17 March 2015

I think that the negate aroma and remove sickness potions both sound like good ideas.

So order for potions could possibly look like this:

Remove sickness x6 : 300gp

Negate aroma x4: 200gp

Cure light x8: 400gp

Cure mod x1: 300gp

How does that sound?

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Belgannan posted this 19 March 2015

Looks good to me. Too bad no one else views or uses these forums =-P

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