Three Week Extra Downtime Happenings (from Live Session on 12/06)

Belgannan posted this 08 December 2014

I wanted to start a thread on what we have done for the extra three week downtime we determined in the 12/06 live session

Here is what Belgannan has done, all expenditures have been updated on the Treasure Spreadsheet:

  1. Spell Research - See Invisibility - Completed in 15 days - Cost 200 gold (all rolls in Roll20)
  2. Create Scrolls Scroll #1 - See Invisibility, Glitterdust X 2 - Completed in 3 days - Cost 150 gold Scroll #2 - Endure Elements X 3 - Completed in 3 days - Cost 75 gold

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Capnfro posted this 08 December 2014

Cademon is training his hp. I put up the cost for two but forgot that we have 21 days of downtime so I am going to do 3.

Heinric posted this 17 December 2014

I haven't done anything yet. Any suggestions?

Belgannan posted this 18 December 2014

Doug is Heinric maxed out on hit points? He could always use some more. Beyond that we can always make gold/resources/etc for the Kingdom.

Capnfro posted this 18 December 2014

Do you plan on doing anything with your Craft (Weapons) skill? I know it can be a pain but if you wanted there is also the Master Craftsman feat that allows you to qualify for Craft Magic Arms and Armor without being a spell caster.

You could also retrain skills if you wanted or, as Chad said, earn money.

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